High street brands that disappeared over the years

A changing digital landscape and shifting customer expectations have left many brands victim to not adapting their business models in order to survive.

Once these challenging times present themselves some brands manage to secure a rescue deal and breathe to fight another day. Unfortunately, for the rest, they fade into obscurity. Once household names, now reside in the memory of only the older traditional shopper.

Many of them have disappeared due to the recession or simply could not adapt to the rising popularity of internet shopping where the customer is in control.

Here we look at some of the biggest names we have lost from our high street and deliberate over what went wrong with their particular business model.


Toys R Us

US toy store giant Toys R Us shut down all of its US and UK stores in April 2018, after filing for bankruptcy protection in September 2017. Its Asian stores are still open, having been sold to Fung Retailing and a number of other lenders in November 2018.

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