Andy Woolley has become a recognised leader in his field of Digital Marketing for over 20 years. Catering to international clients of all sizes and creating digital courses for numerous educational establishments.

With hundreds of projects completed and a wealth of knowledge acquired, Andy is much sought after in turning projects into memorable projects.

“Practising what I preach and preaching what I practice”

There are lots who give advice and never implement it themselves. That’s not me. I make mistakes and learn. That accrued knowledge has made me the passionate, ever-learning individual who strives to achieve and exceed expectations.

Life is made up of ‘real-world’ experiences. Good or bad they define who we are and what we can achieve. This accumulation of value allows me to leverage my skills to your desired needs.

Having worked for notable brands and running several businesses, I have been blessed by both opportunity and unique business insight that has been accumulated over the last 30 years.

With a practical, no-nonsense manner I provide both insight and advice that has helped hundreds of businesses achieve their desired goals. Whether you have a product, service or brand, I help increase your credibility and visibility to achieve recognition in your market sector. Whether that is increased sales or brand awareness.

All work since 2018 is acquired through sustained recommendations – a testament to hard work and trust earned through collaboration, experience and knowledge. Never stop learning, applying and realising there is always more to do.

★★ Online Digital Marketing Experience ★★ Multi-disciplined Project Manager ★★ Passionate Problem-Solver ★★

Being a driven, inquisitive and highly versatile digital marketing professional. I relish the opportunity to delve into a brand’s digital landscape in order to develop innovative inbound campaigns which exceed commercial goals, whilst engaging and converting your audience. Many talk it, few deliver it.

Proficient in many disciplines and to a level that many would describe as an expert:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Keyword, Competitor and Market Research
  • Data Storytelling

Please feel free to reach out to me and contact. I openly network and believe in adapting to changing circumstances all the time, so the more skilled individuals I know the better.

Mobile: 07946 212 620

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