About me

We all travel on our own journeys.

They define us. They shape us and above all they make us the person we are.

Whilst some may sound similar in fact everybody’s journey is unique.

Crafted from real-world experiences and lifes inevitable ups and downs.

How did my story begin?

Looking at the person I am today, I need to take you back over many years to explain how I came to be the person I am today.

Born in Sidmouth, Devon in 1970, I moved to Swansea when I was 8 years old and began a new life when my father remarried. After many years of working in a family business I was bitten by the entrepreneurial ‘bug’ and started my own business with little to no money.

Over the period of 4 to 5 years it became a successful local business with a fine reputation. During this time I started a family and for the next few years work and family life blossomed. But, something was missing …

So after 10 years of running my own business I decided to start fresh and moved to Gloucester to work for a large and well-established business. Almost immediately I was overwhelmed with the feeling of being ‘valued’. Something, that as I’m sure most self=employed can attest to, is not something you experience on a day to day or even longer basis. Over the next few years and several projects I came to realise the knowledge and experience that I had accumulated over many years, along with the value that my employers could see and benefit from, I began to realise that it was my continuous need to acquire knowledge and move the needle was my distinct advantage amongst others.

It was during this time that I engaged on many unique projects that gave me a deeper understanding of my skills and abilities around others. Jumping forward to early 2018 I decided to become freelance once more and look at jobs purely as projects. They have an eventual end of life date for me to finish on them and provide value along the way to those I am tasks to work alongside.

One of these many projects included teaching at two colleges. Something I had never considered before and for which my multitude of qualifications allowed me to pursue. So began an interesting period where I managed a small boutique agency, ‘Want SEO’, lectured and taught ‘Digital Marketing’, managed a handful of private clients and worked alongside several agencies. To say I was busy would have been an understatement. Needless to say, stress and high-blood pressure were never my intentions.

What of the future?

So, began a period in 2019 where I looked at managing my time more effectively and deciding where the real-value existed for me and those that mattered going forward. Eventually, after working more than 30 years my ‘eureka’ moment occurred which allowed me to start shaping my vision for the future and set about developing a mission to help others achieve their ‘true value’.

After many years, lots of hard work, uptine projects, numerous work colleagues, countless deadlines and insurmountable motorway miles, I found my formula to ‘win’. And when I say ‘win’, I mean capitalising on what little time we have in life to find one’s purpose and more importantly, one’s satisfying moments.

So, here is to the numerous years ahead of me, the countless projects yet to be undertaken and successes yet to be realised. Join me and together, we can find ‘real-value’ in everything we set out to achieve.

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