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I'm Andy Woolley

Professional digital marketer, lecturer and author of ‘Keywords for SEO’.

Over the last 20 years I have helped countless companies and individuals discover their true value. From increased sales to growing a personal brand, I can help you captalise on it.

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Worked for and continuing to work with many prestigious brands across the UK and Europe

What do I do?

Andy Woolley is a Data-Driven Marketer. Using the fusion of Marketing and SEO which is gleaned from insightful Data Analysis to help drive sales and leads for startups and entrepreneurs.

Qualified and experienced in multiple disciples. The three disciples that compliment each other and afford me the necessary insight.


The skill to craft your message and engage with your target audience for sales and branding.


The ability to quickly dissect a brand and see what is and isn't working when visible online.


The power to unlock complex information into digestible plain English.




Registered and certified with several respected professional bodies

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional life

I specialise in three main disciples which compliment each other; digital marketing, SEO and data storytelling.

I am by no means an expert. Yes, I’ve been involved in digital marketing for over 20 years and collaborated on hundreds of projects, but I learn everyday.

I do not use the term expert or guru, as this implies you know it all and that is impossible with an ever-changing marketplace.

Through hard work and good fortune I have been involved in many ‘firsts’ as projects.

The experience needed to carry these out range from leadership and mentoring, through to sound understanding of disciplines outside of my comfort-zone. Such things, as data mining and coding.

However, being seen to want to resolve the issues and keep a project on track force you tio become better.

The conclusion of this is the accumulation of over 20 industry standard awards and numerous qualifications to ensure my deep knowledge is as robust as my practical experience.

I managed two businesses for a number of years when I was in my twenties and this afforded me the luxury of learning to hire, fire and train a wealth of individuals.

I also setup and ran my own successful print and sign company for over ten years before cashing in on those skills with several notable blue-chip brands.

I have worked client-side for a global eCommerce company and agency-side for numerous brands as their SEO/marketing consultant, before I went freelance.

Winning and setting up the inaugural Global Accreditation training Academy – GATA for short, in Wales. This was a partnership between Triumph Motorcycles, Celtic Energy, Touratech and the Welsh Government.

Developing a digital marketing academy with Gower College Swansea to serve the shortfall of digital skills in both Wales and the rest of the UK.

Personal life

Father of three and in a long-term relationship (20+ years). Some would say that’s very long.

To be fair, she has a very high tolerance level, which is just as well.

I have been on several TV shows with the most notable being ‘Total Wipeout’.

Plus I have turned my hand to stand up comedy which I did for over 5 years. And no I wasn’t very good.

I firmly believe we are all born with the ability to change other people’s lives and make things better. To that end I always keep my word and reflect my ethics in everything I do. 

I call this having the GAF factor. GAF standing for ‘Give A F^*k’.

Blunt, but everyone knows exactly what you mean and that’s the thing. I like to be clear with my intentions as this sets the scene for acquiring more value. Yours and mine.

Apart from the obvious which will be similar to anyone with commitmments and responsibilites, I guess it’s to be known for my work and stand for something that inspires others.

We all have the ability to change another’s life and morally we have an obligation to be better than what we currently are.

In a word ‘difficult. No sob stories or feeling sorry for myself, but I have had lots of set backs.

However, through it all you have to perservere. It’s in our DNA, plus I have always had a very supportive partner (just don’t tell her as it’ll go to her head).

The key is knowing tomorrow WILL be better than today and you just need to stay the course and plug away at whatever you do.

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